Who we are?

Established in 2014, RateLocal is a free service that helps consumers find reputable businesses in their local area. The RateLocal directory lists businesses from a variety of trades, for example builders, carpenters, plasterers, roofers; as well as other services such as accountants, hairdressers, solicitors and web designers.

We are extremely diligent about the services we promote on the directory and every business that is submitted to RateLocal is checked carefully by our staff before being listed.

Verified customer reviews and detailed company listings helps to keep RateLocal a safe and reliable place to find and promote local business services or products they offer. All businesses are listed in rating order, so it’s easy to see which companies are recommended by our users.

Trying to find trustworthy and quality service can be a challenge, especially if you’re looking for one online as it is very easy for people to lie about their services and offers especially on sites that already have a reputation for being sketchy. This is what RateLocal Directory aims to diminish with their consumer-friendly features.

The RateLocal Directory was founded in 2014 and they offer a free service that aims to help consumers find a specific company or service. Some of the services and businesses RateLocal caters to include:

  • Builder
  • Carpenters
  • Plasters
  • Roofers
  • Accountants
  • Hair Dressers
  • Solicitors
  • Web designers

To ensure that the site only promotes reputable services, the staff runs the businesses through a verification process. This step ensures that RateLocal remains a trustworthy site for consumers who are only looking for their money’s worth.

RateLocal is a site for the people by the people. Each business is ranked according to star rating. This shows users which services are the most recommended by fellow consumers.

Our team of professionals pride themselves in maintaining a website free of spam, which is why each review is checked and if it is determined to be spam or contain fake information is taken down. This helps preserve the business’ reputation among consumers and potential clients.

Information at your fingertips

British business owners and consumers can benefit from the site’s extensive collection of information. Business owners can keep an eye on the competition, and consumers can easily get a quick overview of the business and their services without having to do much else. Each business or service featured on RatteLocal has the following information available:

  • Overall Star Rating
  • Reviews from consumers
  • Complete business address
  • Link to company website
  • contact number
  • Location Map
  • Company Logo

Aside from the information listed above, business hours, social media links and a gallery that showcases your service is also available. This gives consumers a better overview of the services being offered.

RateLocal for Business Owners

Consumers aren’t the only ones who can benefit from using RateLocal’s features. When business owners choose to put their services on RateLocal, they can avail of the features being offered by the site. This includes the following:

  • In-depth showcase. Show off your business and give potential customers a reason to consider hiring you for the job needed.
  • Optimised Web page. Business owners can avail of rich content that can help increase clicks through the page.
  • Keyword search. SEO can play a big role especially when it comes to businesses. RateLocal offers an increased chance of attracting visitors through the use of keyword searches.
  • Photos and video. Help your potential customers picture your business with the use of videos and photos. The site currently offers a place for six photos and one video content for each business page. That should be just enough to give potential customers an idea of what and how you conduct your service. The video can even be a short, informative snippet of what you do. This will benefit any reader who doesn’t enjoy reading long business descriptions.
  • Internal Messaging. RateLocal has an internal messaging feature that allows customers to contact business providers easily and safely.

How to use RateLocal

RateLocal makes life easier for both consumers and business owners alike. If you’re new, here’s how to use the website:

  • Know the kind of service you need. Each business is categorized as seen on the home page. Find the type of service you are looking for and go through the list. If you want to narrow down your search to just your area, use the location feature to make your search easier.
  • Use the search bar. If a friend or relative has recommended a business for you and you just want to check their credibility, just type their name onto the search bar above and be met with instant results.
  • Making a choice. By default, search results are arranged with the top rated services at the top. Some services may offer great services, but could be way over your budget. Use the search result to find a service that can fit your budget and will also meet your need for quality.
  • Read about the company. Once you’ve chosen a business or service, it is always best to go through the reviews and read their services carefully. Check out their website and their social media accounts, to make sure that they are indeed qualified for the job you have at hand.
  • Contact. When you’re happy with what you have read about the service, it is now time to contact them. This can be done through a variety of ways: going to their physical office, calling them, or even sending them an email. All of their contact information is available on their page so you will have no trouble getting in touch with them.
  • Rate their service. When all is said and done, remember to leave a review and star rating on their service so that other consumers can know how the service does their business.

Make your life easier by choosing to use RateLocal Directory, the most extensive service directory online.

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